CBO and Debre Birhan Comprehensive specialized Hospital have signed MoU for the implementation of “Volunteer Health Professionals Service Support Project (VHPSSP) in Debre Birhan Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Debre Birhan, Ethiopia.

“Volunteer Health Professionals service support project recruits graduated and licensed health professionals and assign them in client health service provider institutions to work as a full time unpaid staffs of the client health service provider institutions. The Health professionals will accomplish all the responsibilities of their respective profession as employed staffs do. They will work 4-6 full days per week.  

In return CBO and the client health service provider institution will provide work experience letter for health professionals who have served for a minimum of 4 months or (64 full days). In addition CBO will provide variant trainings, certificate of volunteerism and support letter and communication for the health professionals while the client health service provider institutions provide transportation service, Personal protective equipment and other medical equipment necessary for their respective professions during their service period.   

The project has two main objectives

  1. Improving quality of health service through increasing number of health professionals in public health service providing institution
  2. Empowering newly graduated health professionals and increasing their job competency through providing work experience letters