Donate to Volunteer Health Professionals Service Support Project (VHPSSP)

The Volunteer Health Professionals Service Support Project (VHPSSP) has been successfully implemented in Bahir Dar (Felege Hiwot Comprehensive Specialized Hospital), Debre Birihan (Hakim Gizaw Hospital, and Debire Birihan Comprehensive Specialized Hospital) for the past two years. It is now time to expand the project to Mizan Aman (Mizan Tepi University Teaching Hospital). Newly graduated health professionals will be recruited and assigned to partner public healthcare providers, where they will work full-time hours with full professional responsibility. Rest assured, our project coordinators will be supervising and controlling the volunteers every step of the way. Our project has two major objectives: to fulfil the human resource shortage of health providers through volunteer health professionals and to provide new graduates with the required letter of experience to make them competent in employment. We are committed to making a significant impact in the healthcare industry through this project. 

Your donation will support the transportation and meals of volunteers, their skill training costs, project coordinator salaries, and project administration costs.

To proceed with your donation, kindly access the link provided below.