CBO is offering an opportunity for individuals who have a kind heart, passion, motivation, and commitment to serve the underserved society in Ethiopia as a volunteer member of CBO. Our volunteer membership is open to anyone regardless of their location, citizenship, or profession.

Remote volunteer members can support our community by:

1. Providing online professional advice, consulting, training, or mentorship

2. Engaging in fundraising efforts such as searching for grants, and donors, and sharing fundraising links
3. Networking by promoting our organization, community services, and fundraising links through personal networks like social media and work-related networks
4. Making membership contributions and donations every three months
5. Participating in online training courses that align with their profession and expertise as a trainer.
6. Contributing support in other possible ways as a volunteer.

Your application will be reviewed and approved by the CBO Volunteer member application committee. You will receive an email as soon as your application is reviewed.

Thank you for your time and interest in joining us!

For more information and questions contact us through

Wherever, whoever you are you can volunteer

….. Satisfaction is your core profit!!

Advantages of being volunteer member in CBO

If you are a volunteer member of CBO who dutifully fulfils your responsibilities, you can expect the following benefits from the organization:

1. Satisfaction – The first and most important advantage of volunteering is the satisfaction you will feel. Our community services are geared towards addressing major, life-threatening problems in underserved communities. By participating and contributing to the success of these services, you will experience a deep sense of satisfaction.

2. Experience – Our organization offers its volunteer members the chance to take part in various activities related to their profession, which provide valuable experiences.

3. Membership ID – CBO offers six levels of membership ID (red, yellow, green, VIP Silver, VIP Gold, VIP Platinum), which applicants can choose from during registration.

4. Certification – Individuals who have served the organization for at least a year and fulfilled the responsibilities they selected during registration will receive a certificate of volunteerism from our organization.

In addition to these benefits, volunteer members who persist in fulfilling their responsibilities will also receive priority consideration for the following opportunities presented by CBO to the community:

1. Training sessions

2. Employment opportunities

3. Grants for projects and research through CBO

4. Fun events organized by CBO

5. And any other relevant opportunities

Please note that priority consideration will only be given to volunteers who meet the minimum criteria for the opportunity in hand.


CBO will give you back as much as you provide to the community

some points About Volunteer Members in CBO 

  1. Volunteer members shall be those who willingly register to involve in different work sectors of the Organizations.
  2. The volunteer member shall participate in different work sectors of the Organizations.
  3. They shall pay the minimum payment and fulfill the minimum activity participation requirement based on their choice.
  4. Any volunteer who had Ethiopian citizenship, Born in Ethiopia and foreigners and who full fill the following criteria can apply for Volunteer membership of CBO if he/she
    • Is at least 18 years old
    • accepts the objectives and goal of CBO.
    • is sure that he/she can pay minimum payment and fulfill minimum work requirement based on her/his choice of stage of membership.
  1. Applicant’s Application should be approved by the board before the applicant gets volunteer membership.
  2. Any volunteer member who does not fulfill membership fee and activity requirements will be punished accordingly.
  3. Any member will be suspended if he/she does not pay his/her penalty and/or reject his/her activity punishment.

CBO has a place for individuals who have a passion, motivation and commitment to serve their society and simultaneously use the opportunities through being a “Volunteer member of CBO”  Do you want to use this golden opportunity?

Minimum contributions to be a member of CBO in Different stages  

There are 3 color grade IDs. Opportunities will increase from Redyellowgreen. while different levels with in the same color have equal chance. VIPs also have increasing opportunities from Silver -Gold-Platinum. you can choose one of the grade and level that you can accomplish. Responsibilities and payments should be done every 3 month.


  1. To get Red ID, every members are required to fulfill the following every 3 months
    a. shall pay 10 USD and serve the organization for 6 days or
    b. shall pay 20 USD and serve the organizations for 4 days or
    c. shall pay 40 USD and serve the organization for 2 day
  2. To get Yellow ID, every member are required to fulfill the following every 3 months
    a. shall pay 40 USD and serve the organization for 4 days or
    b. shall pay 80 USD and serve the organization for 2 days or
    c. shall pay 160 USD and serve the organization for 1 days or
  3. to get Green ID members are required to fulfill the following every 3 months               

  a. shall pay 200 USD and serve the organization for 12 days or

  b. shall pay 400 USD and serve the organization for 6 days or

   c. Shall pay 800 USD and serve the organization for 3 days.

4.  to get VIP ID members are required to fulfill the following every 3 months
a. Shall pay 4000 USD for VIP silver
b. Shall pay 20,000 USD for VIP gold
c. Shall pay 400,000 USD birr for VIP platinu