Our vision is to create empowered, self-sufficient communities in Ethiopia capable of resolving their own problems!

The “Community Boosting Organization” is a board-led civil society organization established and spearheaded by young physicians and health professionals with extensive community service and public health backgrounds. It has been officially registered under Proclamation No. 1113/2011 of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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  • Our goals in the health sector are:-
  1. To enable and support the community in maintaining their health and well-being. 
  2. To ensure prompt access to healthcare facilities
  3. To empower the Community to get accessible, affordable, and dependable healthcare services nearby. 
  4. To promote climate-smart agriculture for farmers to produce nutritious and healthy products.
Mengistu Metalign, comprehensive Nurse, addministarstion of intavenous medication, photo taken and posted after patient consultation
  • Our goals in the education sector
  1. To equip medical and health science students with practical basic skills of life through extracurricular activities.
  2. To increase awareness of the importance of education within the community and enable every child to attend school
  3. To enhance the quality of education in medical and health science colleges and universities
  • Our goals in community empowerment are: – 

    1. To empower and support women, children, youth, and individuals with disabilities through providing capacity-building training.
    2. To assist newly graduated medical and health professionals in securing employment or starting their businesses.
    3. To promote healthy lifestyles and well-being by addressing substance use disorders and fostering positive coping mechanisms. 
    4. To enable individuals with disabilities to overcome psychological barriers to achieving their dreams.

We advocate for and uphold human and democratic rights principles in all our activities.

CBO in Numbers

Units of blood Collected
Trainees have trained varies skill and Capacity building trainings
Peoples are screened for Chronic Diseases
youths received substance abuse treatment.

“…..Volunteerism is a responsibility of every human. NGOs are tools for your humanity”

Volunteers can make a diffrence!

Volunteer Health Professionals Service Support Project (VHPSSP) 

VHPSSP is a  project which recruits newly graduated health professionals and assigns them to partner public healthcare providers. The volunteers will work full working hours with full professional responsibility as the staff of the institutions do. Project coordinators will supervise and control the volunteers…. 

Volunteer Health professionals of CBO at Felege Hiwot comprehensive specialized Hospital
CBO has screened more than 2500 peoples in Bahir Dar for Hepatitis virus B, Hepatitis virus C, hypertension and Diabetes mellitus and their blood group with two different campaign
CBO has screened more than 2500 peoples in Bahir Dar for Hepatitis virus B, Hepatitis virus C, hypertension and Diabetes mellitus and their blood group with two different campaign


CBO has a place for individuals who have a passion, motivation and commitment to serve their society and simultaneously use the opportunities through being a “Volunteer member of CBO”  Do you want to use this golden opportunity?

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Our partners 

Our missions are not achieved alone. We have essential partners who play a vital role in accomplishing our goals. We are always willing to collaborate with potentially helpful individuals, non-profit organizations, government institutions, and private for-profit institutions, among others. Here is a list of our partners:

Headquarter Address

Mizan Aman, Southwest Ethiopia Peoples’ Region, Ethiopia

Branch Addresses